eclectica three

Released May 22, 2011
9 Tracks
All compositions by Craig Delahoy
Available on Craig Delahoy - eclectica three

Composed, performed and recorded using Apple Logic Pro.

Working on the second album was such a huge learning experience for me, that a third album really was inevitable. While my composition and arrangement skills continue to improve, I believe my technical production skills have really blossomed with this one.

I've continued to explore a range of styles here, from gentle piano sonatas through to heavier dance tracks, via a bit of ragtime and ambient music on the way. I've always enjoyed softer, gentle melodies and music, but I've also loved something that makes me want to get up and bounce around, so I can't see myself changing this mix anytime soon.

Note to Apple: My album name does not start with a capital letter, and I also don't like every major word in the track titles being capitalised either. Stop playing with my music please!

1 Journeyman fugue 5:33 A mix of a couple of different themes, but generally a mid-tempo bouncy little piece of fluff to start things off. A couple of nifty little percussion breaks to break things up.
2 Ambia two 4:56 This track has no real connection to "Ambia one" on "eclectica one" outside of the name. I was playing with a new iPad app called BassLine, and that's where the repeating arpeggio comes from. Everything else was built around that.
3 Year of the ox 6:01 Let me see, third album, third track, and it's in three-four time ... any significance in that? There is, but only marginally. I like exploring ethnically-inspired melodies and arrangements, and there's at least one on every album so far. I didn't want to break with tradition.
4 Amateur hour 4:49 In our younger years, my brother and I would bash out noisy rubbish in a church hall. I wanted to see if I could emulate that loud, amateurish guitar sound, and I think I did pretty well.
5 Ozark rag in C major 3:49 I was in a boppy, bouncy kinda mood, and wanted a track that featured piano in that way. This is the result. I was listening to a fair bit of Little Feat around this time, so there are no doubt influences from that band.
6 Augustine 4:20 Another track I wrote when I was 15 or so. Really just a soft little piano piece that I tried to orchestrate. One of my better piano pieces, I think. (NB: while there are no song lyrics for this, there are some words for the last phrase of the main repeating theme.)
7 Air machine 9:27 I have a lot of ambient electronic music on my ipod, and it's all very relaxing and restful - nice background noise. This is very much in that vein, really just a chord progression that repeats.
8 The jamba tree 5:12 Another mid-tempo, easy-going kind of track. No significance anywhere that I'm aware of. Except perhaps that around this time African themes had been suggested to me for other reasons.
9 Octotrash (we all fall down) (instrumental) 4:23 Drums, bass and designed for moving about. There are lyrics to go with it, but after a couple of failed attempts I decided to leave it as instrumental only.