Released December 30, 2013
8 Tracks
All compositions by Craig Delahoy

Composed, performed and recorded using Apple Logic Pro (except *).

The fifth album took forever to get out, and sometimes it seemed the universe was conspiring to see that it was never released. I was determined that it be released in 2013, rather than go a year without a release, so out it went on Dec 30. And then the distributor decided to have a problem with their system. Thanks universe.

1 Appassionato 5:42 Opening track and title track. This is a little bit different for me, yet at the same time, very much like many other tracks. I've said before that I like tracks that tell a story, musically. The story this track tells is probably going to be very obvious from the opening three seconds.
2 Fearful Symmetry 6:06 Back to some old faithful stuff. This is very similar in style and texture to many of my previous heavy rythmn and synthesiser tracks.
3 Small Wonders 4:39 I like this track. It's a very traditional structure (verse - chorus - verse - chorus) but a slightly different sound. I called this 'Small Wonders' as it's about that feeling I used to get around my daughters when they were little. So, I'm dedicating this one to my girls.
4 May 13 4:35 This album has quite a bit more guitar than previous albums, and this is the first track to demonstrate that. I had other plans for the opening of this track, creating a more extensive opening atmosphere, but I shelved them in favour of something simpler.
5 Secondhand Wine 6:58 This track goes back a loooong way. On the last three albums I've included an old track - something from my extensive, decades old, back catalog. On this album I have two old tracks, and this is the first. This one's about break-ups and break-downs, and this is the third time I've recorded it - though only the second time it's been released publicly.
6 Between the Lines 4:52 The second of my two very old tracks - I was about 21 when I wrote this. I love big, lush arrangements, and this is my meagre attempt at one. Again, this is the second time I've arranged and recorded this track, though the first time it's been released publicly. I really like the guitar I came up with for this one, too.
7 Requiem (Life in a vacuum) 6:35 Remember what I said about tracks that tell a story, or create an specific ambience? Here's an atmospheric track. It tells a story, but a rather personal one, so I'll leave it at that.
8 Decembrist 6:50 The underlying track was largely written on GarageBand on my iPad, but then imported into Logic to expand and complete it. I have a great fondness and strong interest in Russian history, so I know that the Decembrists were a group of revolutionaries that led a tragically unsuccessful uprising in Russia in December 1825. However, this track has less to do with a nod to that group than it does with the fact that I happened to write it in December 2012 - so it seemed liked a serendpitous way to incorporate my love of Russian history into my music.

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