Welcome to my personal web site.

Things have changed considerably over the last few years, so it's time my website was updated to reflect that.

This site is now going to be used primarily to promote a few particular areas of my own life that haven't been receiving as much attention as I thought they should. After the release of my first album (only about 20 years late!) I figured I should do something about that. Now that the second and third album are out (and work progresses on the fourth!) it's definitely time to start pushing that artistic side of my life more.

Using the menus above you will find information on:

Music - details about my albums and links to purchase music
Writing - some stuff about my scripts (including performance photos) with links to licensing

I'll put up some other pages on other stuff I do (like directing and web development) at some later date. Well, that's the plan ...

Look, learn, enjoy, and - hopefully - contribute. Thanks for stopping by.

August 2011