eclectica one

Released June 26, 2009
10 Tracks
All compositions by Craig Delahoy

Available on Craig Delahoy - Eclectica One and emusic. Each site offers samples.

Composed, performed and recorded using Apple Logic Pro.

I finished at the ABC in December 2008 and had a bit of time (and a little money) to kill. Not having all that creative energy of the ABC around me any more, I knew I needed to generate a little of my own. So I bought myself some new gear and sat down at my trusty Mac - and this is the result. I know it's very rough - I didn't know the software at all, and I hadn't touched a musical instrument in years. So I was learning as I went with this one.

Nevertheless, I'm very proud of it.

1 Tech Jarre 6:10 The Jarre in the title is obviously one of my first musical idols, Jean-Michel Jarre. Now don't get the impression from that that I put myself anywhere near the guy - this is purely my way of thanking him for all his great music.
2 Only so many heartbeats 4:24 There's a line in fatalistic philosophy that goes something like this: "Each one of us is allocated only so many heartbeats. Nothing we can do will increase this." This is why I don't bother going jogging.
3 Waklectic one 4:02 Another of my musical idols is Rick Wakeman. He's a brilliant musician as well as an inspirational composer. Again, I wouldn't dare suggest any comparison here, this is merely my way of acknowledging his brilliance.
4 The Dinner Plain run 3:16 I enjoy classical music, I enjoy symphonic music, and I love great movie soundtracks - like James Newton Howard's "King Kong" soundtrack, or anything by John Williams. This is my feeble attempt at something symphonic inspired by 'Man from Snowy River'.
5 Bluetrack 2:44 The first track I wrote with Apple Logic Pro, and so the first track I wrote for this album. Just a light bit of fluff, really. I wrote it thinking of a TV series I was developing at the time, so this is kind of my mental theme for that show.
6 Batu Khan 5:22 Batu Khan was the grandson of Ghengis Khan, and the first leader of the infamous 'Golden Horde' - masters of western asia and parts of eastern europe. This is my attempt at a musical biography.
7 Retro blue 2:46 Another bit of fluff. When I played it for someone they suggested it sounded a bit '80's - hence the 'retro' reference.
8 Arcadia Suite 5:08 This is me trying to be symphonic. Really a small number of similar musical themes tacked together, so I called it a 'suite'.
9 Ambia 5:23 I enjoy a lot of electronic ambient music, so I wanted to try my hand at it. For real good stuff, check out Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, and several others.
10 Trip heavy 5:45 Me being trippy! Lots of drums and percussion (always a favourite of mine). I was really happy with the way the two musical themes came together at the end. I good upbeat track to finish on.