I studied classical piano for eight years; I've fiddled around in a couple of bands; I've had some compositions professionally recorded and released; I've composed and performed soundtracks for several documentaries - so how is it that I seem to have almost completely abandoned any involvment in the music industry?

That time is now passed.

On June 26 2009 I released my first album, "eclectica one" - and about time too. The second album, imaginatively titled "eclectica two", was released in June 2010. I took a risk and called the third album "eclectica three" (that's a joke, by the way) when it was released in May 2011. The fourth album was predictably called "eclectica four". In December 2013, some months behind schedule, I broke with tradition and released "Appassionato".

This is the start of a major reconnection with music. Frankly, I don't really care all that much if no one else likes it or listens to it. Music is a major part of who I am, and I am really doing this for me. Of course, I'd certainly be very chuffed if others bought my music and liked it - please tell me if you do!

Learn more about my music and find links to the purchasing sites (where you can also hear samples) by visiting the pages for each album.

released December 2013

eclectica four
released July 2012

eclectica two
released June 2010

eclectica three
released May 2011

eclectica one
released June 2009